Bike Parking Update

Additional bike parking racks have been added in the B1 Resident Parking Area. These will be assigned shortly to those on the waiting list for a space. New tags are on order which will avoid that problem of the ink fading and smearing so that one’s spot cannot be identified.

Meanwhile, there is still a lot of “deadwood” using spots when others are waiting to get a spot to park their bikes. To encourage people who no longer use their bikes to make them useful again, we have compiled a list of organization that take donations of bikes and bike parts. Please consider this if you bike is serving no current purpose to you or anyone else. Note the rules about bike parking (below) which make clear that bike parking spots are registered to RESIDENTS, not to owners or to units.

Bike donations list.

Two indoor spaces have a combined capacity for parking over 250 bikes. Bike parking is by permit to be registered with the management office and it is free.

If you need a space, contact the office at 416-923-2268 or by email.

Rules relating to bicycles

  • 13.1  Residents must sign a Bicycle Agreement and have authorization from management to park bicycles in the bicycle rooms. Management will assign a spot, provide a numbered tag that must be attached to the bicycle, and update the Resident’s fob to provide access to the bicycle room.
  • 13.2  The bicycle rooms are only for the use of Residents.
  • 13.3  Only one bike spot will be allocated to a Resident.
  • 13.4  Bicycle owners are responsible for their own bicycles and their security.
  • 13.5  When bringing bicycles in or out of the building, other than via a bicycle room, Residents must use the rear entrance to the building. At no time should a bicycle be brought through the front entrance.
  • 13.6  Bicycles may only be parked or stored in a designated spot in a bicycle room, in a storage locker, in a unit, or at one of the outdoor racks at the front or rear of the building.
  • 13.7  Bicycles left anywhere on the property, other than in the above-mentioned locations, will be removed and disposed of at the discretion of the Property Manager. This includes bicycles locked to posts, fences or rails and unauthorized bicycles in the bicycle room.
  • 13.8  A maximum of two (2) bicycles may be locked up at one spot in the bicycle rooms, providing that they are parked in such a way that they do not obstruct other people’s access to their bicycles or bicycle spots.