Laundry & TV room


There is an up-to-date, bright laundry room on the first basement level (1B). Most of the washers are front-loading and energy-efficient. Liquid laundry detergents with the label “he” (high efficiency) are used for these machines. We also have a few of the older-style, non-high efficiency top-loading washers, too.




Folding tables are commodious.

Wash and dry charges are each $1.00. The machines use a smart card system which can be loaded electronically right in the laundry room. The cards themselves are obtained in the management office, and you can use debit or credit to put money on them.

Several of the dryers in the first room (the one you enter with your fob) run for 44 minutes instead of 52 to save on hydro. If you have a particularly heavy drying load, you’ll probably want to use the 52-minute machines in the other two rooms.

Users appreciate other users’ etiquette in cleaning the lint filters after dryer use, in wiping clean the washer doors of residue including pet hair and in removing their clothes when the cycles are complete.

The laundry room is open by fob access at all hours.







TV room

The TV room adjoining the laundry room is provided for those waiting while their wash is washing and their dry is drying!



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