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Waste and Recycling

                You can read the information here, or download the PDF file here

If you want to paint your balcony, please follow the link to the balcony painting document which provides information on the type of paint required and where to purchase.

If you would like to install blinds on your balcony, please read the balcony blinds document for the type and colour approved and follow the instructions for approval of the installation

Landscape 2014

For 2014, the original plan was to complete the area between the building front entrance and the northeast corner of the building, as well as the island in the rear of the property and the pergola in front.  These plans have been revamped due to the harsh winter and the need to replace the plant material that was killed by the cold.  The island was completed, the pergola has been put on hold, the northeast section has been partially done, the rear rose garden has been replaced, the south edge of the garage driveway has been cleaned up and filled with mulch, many trees and shrubs have been replaced, and the area in front of the hydro vault at street level has been planted.

Work by Personal Gardens began on May 14th and is progressing rapidly. A number of trees and plants were delivered May 16.

Mike Dampf, head of Personal Gardens, may have correctly diagnosed the problem we’ve had for some years with the grass on either side of the main sidewalk turning brown. Sod has been replaced repeatedly. Theories included dogs urinating or winter sidewalk salt. Mike believes there is a concrete slab under the interlocking brick sidewalk and extending beyond it, in fact to the limits of the areas of grass that turn brown. Because of the concrete there, water just sits and it rots the grass. Viewing a picture of the front yard from 1976, it appears clear that the earlier sidewalk is much wider than the present one and that it is probably still there, but underneath!

View of front yard from 1976:

Some residents have wondered if the three trees between our new cedar trees and the road are dead. No. They are “red beech” or “copper beech” trees. Their leaves are red or copper in colour. The leaves you see on them now are this year’s new leaves, not left-over or dead leaves from previous years.

Here is a picture of our new “pagoda dogwoods,” planted on May 17, and an Internet picture of one when more mature. These are near the front sidewalk, just northeast of the cedars.

 Dangers on balconies!

Board of Directors’ meetings: Minutes by email

Board minutes are also available in the notebooks in the library.

Packages left for pickup with Security or the Office 

If you wish to leave a small package or an envelope for pickup by another person, please remember that if your party is planning to pick up the package during office hours, leave the package with the Office, not with Security.

Elevator moving hours

The hours allowed for moves and, therefore, the booking of the service elevator, are as follows:

“Moves are allowed Monday to Friday, between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., and 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.”

Pest control 

Pest control services come to the building the third Wednesday of each month unless there are reports of infestations. In that case, pest control comes within a day or two since part of the role of pest control is prevention of spread of bugs.  Please report to the office if you have a concern about bugs, pests, infestations, etc. The treatment for cockroaches is much simpler than in the past when a resident had to move many things for a spray treatment; the gel treatment now used is much easier.

Change of address of owners

If you are a non-resident unit owner and you change your address, please be sure to let the management office know. You may use the Resident Information form where there is a section for contact information for non-resident owners.