Board, Committees, Volunteers

Our condo board has five directors, elected for two-year terms, alternating so that terms overlap. The board itself elects a president from among its members; it must either appoint or elect a secretary and it may appoint other officers who may be directors, also, but need not be. The board also establishes committees with specified mandates.

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Board of Directors

A photo of the Board of Directors taken at the draft budget meeting November 29


President, Brian Brenie, elected for two-year term to 2021. Previous President of the board.  He has served on several committees, past and present..

Director, Martin Brown, elected two-year term to 2021.  A Toronto resident for most of his life, Martin has been an owner since 2013. He has worked as an Appeals Resolution Officer at the WSIB.  His focus is on improving communication in our community.

Treasurer, Elvis Lalaj, re-elected two-year term to 2021. Elvis has an Accounting Degree from Ryerson University; Working as a supervisor for a financial institution.  He has previous experience as a director on a condominium board.


Secretary, Martha MacLachlan, serving two-year term to 2020.  An experienced communicator and an avid volunteer on committees both at 40 Homewood and other organizations.


Director, Manal Siddiqui, serving two-year term to 2020. Manal has extensive professional experience in public policy and operations and has previously served on the Board.

Committees of the Board

You will find the Terms of Reference (or mandate or mission or charter) of the committees through the links.

Green Committee (email) (Mission statement)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Brian Brenie (Board Liaison), Michael Csiki (Chair), Bill McGuire, Martha McGrath, Lisa Meyer, Lisa Ricciuti, Frances Schagen, Regine Guyomard,  Gus Kieley, Ari Home

Social Committee (email) (charter)
Martha MacLachlan (Chair and Board Liaison), Helen Knight, Felix Almeida, Tammy House, Kevin Kirk

Library Team (Terms of reference)
Mary Oakley, Christine Leask, Helen Knight, Martha MacLachlan (Board Liaison)

Special Projects Committee  (Terms of reference)
Craig Trask (Chair), Michael King,  John Goddard

Newsletter Committee (email) (Terms of reference)
Tammy Baker-House (Editor), Kevin Kirk & Donna Yakibchuk (Design), Martha MacLachlan (Board Liaison)

Finance Committee
Elvis Lalaj (Board Liaison), Brian Brenie

Governing Documents Committee (charter)

Constance Dilley (Chair), Charles Marker, Martin Brown (Board Liaison)


Directors of the Board are volunteers. Committee members are volunteers. There are also volunteers who provide less formal or regular service, including helping with a particular event. The condo depends on volunteers and many functions could not be provided without them.

There is a Volunteer Code of Ethics and a Board Policy, approved 2014, to support it.