TV & Internet

Internet Service

Any resident may contract for their Internet service with a telephone-line service provider of their choice.

The internet provider for the office is eSuite.

eSuite’s telephone: (416) 853-1000

Beginning February 2013, eSuite is providing us, free of charge,  wi-fi connectivity in the lobby, the Meeting Room, the Library and the TV/Laundry Room. The “networks” to click are Meeting Room for the lobby and Meeting Room or Library or Laundry. In early 2014, the free wi-fi was added to the Recreation Room and the Gym. The “networks” to click are Recreation Room and Gym, respectively. The password changes from time to time and up-to-date passwords are available to residents in the office and on TV Channel 13. Many thanks to eSuite for providing this service.

eSuite Internet service  (link)


Channel 58: This is our in-house channel for announcements, information and listing of parcels delivered to the office. On Channel 58, you will also find the current password for the Wi-Fi provided — free to 40 Homewood — by Stubbs Communications. The password is updated every month or so.

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40 Homewood’s cable television system is provided by Stubbs Communications and Shaw Direct.  There are 17 analog stations and 63 HD stations included in your monthly maintenance fees.

Their telephone: (855) 874-6957



The basic channels with numbers, names and some networks.

Effective March 18, 2021

For Zap 2 It daily and weekly listings of our included channels (above), see HERE. It’s our listing even though it still says “Davia.”

TV history at 40 Homewood

40 Homewood has an interesting television history. The link following outlines that history from 1971 to 2004. At the end of 2004, a vote of owners chose to go with Davia Private Cable. The current contract with Davia runs to the end of 2022.

TV history