Articles of interest: about condos, from this condo, etc.

Fire safety video

All about mold (or “mould”) from CMHC


Dogs & condos


Toronto Hydro has an emergency kit/guide

Hydro guide

Toronto Star article about emergency power outages and backup in high rises


Power outages


Explaining the physics behind the big noises in super-cold weather

Cold Noises

Here is a review from NOW Magazine, Ecoholic column about the virtues and drawbacks of different types of light bulbs.

Light bulbs

Also an article from the Toronto Star about light bulb types

An article about a former resident, Bob Leah, and his 10 years (so far!) with prostate cancer.

Bob Leah

An article about doing renovations in your condo unit. Most buildings have regulations; be sure you know them before you start.


Do condo dwellers use their balconies?


Response to the “balconies” article from Martha MacLachlan, 40 Homewood resident


Here is an article from the Globe and Mail about new condos and the lacks that the residents are finding, including lack of neighbourhood or community.
Some of the lacks or deficiencies mentioned are listed here, and readers may decide if 40 Homewood has any of these:
* No indoor bike storage, poor local biking infrastructure

* Inadequate car parking

* Too much waiting for exercise machines

* Not enough green space and too far from parks

* Inadequate nearby transit

* Not enough retail nearby

* Poor sound-proofing

* Not a neighbourhood or community

Here is the article.

Another article weighs pros and cons of older versus newer condos. Wait’ll you see what “old” is!


What happens when you die alone? Various questions answered.

Dying alone

Using a good lawyer when you buy a condo – David Fleming in “The Grid TO”

Good lawyer

“Buyer Beware” is from The Grid Guide to Buying a Condo and identifies things that potential buyers should consider.

Buyer beware

This article is from our own Newsletter (April 2012) and has tips for dealing with pigeons that land on your balcony. Be sure to try to notice if there is a balcony near yours (up, down, sideways) that is a place they congregate. One of your neighbours might be feeding them or otherwise encouraging them. Please report that to the office.


Hydro Costs is an article explaining some of the complexities of the system of providing electricity in Ontario. Some focus is on the so-called “fixed-price” plan under which 40 Homewood had a contract for five years, 2008-2012. This article was written by John Oakes, CEO of Brookfield Residential Properties.

Hydro costs

This article from the Toronto Star is about renovations to condominium lobbies. All lobbies need to be updated from time to time, and here are some examples of things done and tips to do or to avoid.

Lobby reno

This article was written by our resident, Danielle Gault, who is a reflexologist and a yoga instructor. Here, she offers some suggestions of yoga stretches that may be particularly helpful to those of us who spend a lot of time sitting at a computer.

Yoga stretches for computer users


There is an article/tribute to our late resident, Hugh McKellar, in the Anglican Diocese Newsletter. To read it, click the link, then follow to the May 2012 issue of their Newsletter, page 5.

Anglican Newsletter

Glass condo towers: how good is that much glass?

Glass towers

Condo Information Centre – interesting, lots of information

Info Centre

Pre-construction condo: buying before building


Cautionary tale: What’s wrong with low maintenance fees?

Low fees

Condophobia: do I want to live with all THOSE people?


Moving into a brand new condo: are there some advantages to an older building?

new condo

Why are there SO many rules?


Raising a family in a small condo (Article from Toronto Life).  Follow the link to this article


What are the advantages of having a salt water pool?

Salt Water Pool