Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board

Residents and owners are invited to send (via Web Manager) items for the bulletin board such as things to buy, sell or rent; services to offer; announcements or posters of events of interest in the building or in the neighbourhood,etc. This bulletin board will serve a similar function to the cork bulletin board in the laundry room.

Listings of any services or service providers here are initiated by individual owners or tenants, and in no way does the Condominium Corporation (YCC75) or the Board of Directors suggest, recommend, promote, guarantee, underwrite or otherwise endorse any of the services or service providers. Individuals are urged to do their own research and due diligence.

Owners and tenants, however, are encouraged to share the names and contact information of service providers so others might use them, too.

Scroll down this page for the list of services and workers and some links to emails. Or, open (print if you wish) the pdf file here

Bridge Games — More players sought

Bridge games take place on Monday and Wednesday evenings in the library. They are open to new people joining in. Occasionally, one of our residents offers some lessons over a number of weeks. Watch for notices of that.

National Do Not Call List

To register or update your registration or find answers to other questions related to protecting yourself from unsolicited phone calls, check Do Not Call List

Donations to charities

This is an adaptation of the Toronto Star information (below: stuff)


And an article from NOW telling where used clothing “really” goes


Getting rid of stuff

For alternatives to throwing your old things out the back door, here’s an article mentioning how to dispose of still-usable items. And some of these places will arrange for pick-up.

Lost and Found

If you’ve lost or found something in the building, send your information to the office and/or to the Web Manager if you’d like a notice  placed here.

Pet Portraits

Donating furniture  

The Furniture Bank will take “gently used” furniture. If you need a pickup, there is a fee for that. The Bank will give a reasonable tax receipt for the item you are donating. Click on the link to find out more or call 416-934-1229.

Condos for sale

Real estate on our block: for sale at 40 Homewood and around the block.

Finding a worker

Some trades and professions have qualifying credentials available, such as licensing, and some are bonded or insured. It could be very important to consider credentials for more substantial, complex jobs, and owners should proceed cautiously and with research.

Here is a website which compiles many types of household workers and ratings and evaluations of them by their customers.


Here are the category listings for Homestars.

HomeStars categories

Workers whose names have been provided
by 40 Homewood residents.

Service Providers List     Also in print in the office.