The Library is open in its new location on the 1B corridor across from the Laundry Room. It is open by fob access at all hours.

The book collection is sorted into fiction and nonfiction. Fiction books are organized by the author’s last name. Nonfiction books are divided into broad subject areas, e.g., biography, history, literature, art, cookbooks, etc. Books are available in hardcover, trade paperback and mass paperback formats.

The 40 Homewood Library depends on generous donations from residents and friends. If you have items to donate, please place them in the library room “Donation Bin.” Please do not leave books in the laundry room and multi-purpose rooms.

Fiction and general interest nonfiction books in good condition are accepted. Unfortunately, shelf space is limited and we are unable to accept all items. Text books, out of date materials and encyclopedias are not needed. Please consider other options for this type of donation. If books are not accepted for the 40 Homewood collection they will be set aside or discarded.